Five easy steps to show you're "Biker Friendly"
  1. Slap a sticker on your cage.

  2. Keep an eye out for motorcyclists who are out enjoying the great roads. Even though you're probably wishing you could join them instead of sitting behind the wheel of that four wheeled monstrosity.

  3. When in stop and go traffic or when stopped at a light, leave a little extra room. Riders who see the "Biker Friendly" sticker will be able to quickly identify that there is a fellow biker ahead.

  4. If possible, lend a hand. If you see a fellow biker in trouble, pull over and offer your assistance. I understand that with our busy schedules, we don't always have the time to stop and help. But if you have a few minutes, sometimes that is all the time a stranded rider needs.

  5. Most importantly, you must agree to extend this option to all those that ride. You must not show prejudice against those who may not meet your idea of the way a biker should be. You must promise to follow these steps even though some bikers will ride fast, slow, or while wearing inadequate gear. After all, most of us are not angels, and I'm sure we all have done something at least once in our lifetime that someone else may consider to be irresponsible or even stupid.

Bringing Awareness

Although my initial intent with these stickers was to allow riders and drivers to better communicate with each other, even if one of them happens to be driving, I hope that the stickers may also help bring awareness to the non-motorcycle community as well.

When people ask you as to what that "Biker Friendly" sticker means, you'll have the opportunity to enlighten them to the fact that motorcyclists are people too. Who knows, maybe we can make a difference, one driver at a time.

It's quick and easy!!!

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