Tips for Driving "Biker Friendly"

LOOK for riders. So often you will hear that a driver "never saw" the motorcyclist that they hit. As surprising as it may seem that you wouldn't see a vehicle, even if you looked right at it, a surprising study by Dr. Arien Mack shows that it is a real phenomenon. The fancy name for this is Inattentional Blindness, and the result is that people see what they are looking for and screen out everything else. When driving, people are looking for cars, and consequently do not see motorcyclist, bicyclists or even pedestrians. We all know that this can lead to deadly consequences. So when you are driving, PLEASE look for any on coming traffic or bystanders...they may very well be there!!!

For more information on inattentional blindness and the video in which participants didn't notice a guy in a gorilla suit in the middle of the screen, visit here:


Don't tailgate! Rear ending a rider can KILL

Don't cut off that motorcycle! Even if you are frustrated, even if you are in a hurry, no matter what, give riders space. Remember that you are only a few feet from that person's body.

WAIT! You are misjudging their speed! You assess vehicle speed all the time on cars and judge when we have enough time to go or when we should wait for the traffic to pass. This judgment of speed is actually based on the visual mass of the vehicle. Cars are bigger than motorcycles, and as such, motorcycles appear to be going slower than they actually are. If you see a rider, you have less time than a car at the same perceived rate of speed. So, just wait and let the motorcycle pass if you have any doubts.

Give riders extra room.

Watch for riders in groups and try not to separate riders.

Motorcycles are entitled to a right of way. A person operating a motorcycle is entitled to the same rights and right of way as a car. So often drivers will disregard motorcyclists right of way. For example, if a motorcycle is turning left and they got to the stop sign first, the motorcycle goes first...just like a car.

Motorcycles are entitled to their own lane. Motorcycles are entitled to their own lane on the road...a whole lane. You wouldn't drive in a lane with another car, you wouldn't push a car off to the shoulder, and it is against the law to do it to a motorcycle.

Lane sharing is legal in California! Lane sharing allows motorcycles to go between two lanes of traffic to the stop light or along side stopped traffic on the freeway. This is LEGAL IN CALIFORNIA. Many drivers dislike this, but it is totally legal and is actually a good thing. With traffic in California being such a problem, lane sharing allows more vehicles to pass and keep from further congesting the roads. Also, for riders being in front of traffic is always the safest place to ride. People who are not looking for riders or who drive distracted don't see riders and often change lanes into them. Being in front minimizes the potential dangers from traffic, so move over and allow that rider to pass at the light.

Road Rage can KILL a rider. Rider's sometimes do rude things, just like drivers do from time to time. In a car, driving recklessly has a steel-framed cushion, a rider, however, is totally exposed. A stupid move to try to prove a point can take a life. It just isn't worth the consequences. Please drive sane.

It's quick and easy!!!

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