How it all started

Yes it's true, I love motorcycling and am of course happiest on the road when on my bike.

But unless you're one of those die hard bikers that considers his/her bike their only means of transportation (rock on!), you probably find yourself behind the wheel of some four wheel contraption far too often.

Let's face it, sometimes it's just not practical to take the bike and yes, fair weather riders (like myself) don't much favor riding in the wet.

So, during these times behind the wheel, I found myself wishing I was one of the many bikers out for a glorious day of riding. It's times like these when I wish I could shout out and say, "hey bro, I ride too". I notice that at stoplights, I was subconsciously moving over in my lane to allow room for lane sharing bikers to pass through and even leaving enough space between the car in front of me for use as a biker's safe haven if needed.

What a wonderful idea I thought, if only there was a way that motorcyclist could get together in an attempt to non-verbally communicate that there was another biker in their midst. Knowing that this transplanted rider was aware of them and was eager to share the road with another biker.

I thought what better way to let someone know there was a biker friendly driver near then by placing a small sticker on the rear window. That way a passing biker would know that there was a fellow biker ahead and willing to give them room to pass or a place to tuck in after lane sharing. In my years, I've found that most bikers are pretty friendly with each other and would probably appreciate this kind of system.

In order for this idea to work, I would have to get the word out to all bikers. I would have to agree to extend this service to any and all bikers, wether they are riding a cruiser, sportbike, enduro or even a scooter. I would have to make room for these individuals at all times, even if I thought that they weren't wearing the right gear or traveling as safely as they should. After all, we've all done things that others would deem unsafe at least once, right?. I would have to be consistent so as to assure that any biker approaching from behind would feel comfortable enough to use the advantages I have offered.

So, I've created the stickers, built this site and I'm doing everything I can to get the word out.

I guess the next step is up to you...

Why "Biker" Friendly?

The phrase I chose actually took a lot of thought. I didn't just create this idea on a whim, it took more than that to get the thing rolling. The truth is, whether we like it or not we all are "Bikers" to those who do not ride. I thought it would be a great idea to put the the words "Biker" and "Friendly" together, bringing a sweet synergy to an already somewhat negative term.

To us riders, it doesn't matter what the sticker says. I could have said anything on the sticker as long as we all knew what it stood for. I knew that there would be more non-bikers seeing these on the back of cars so I thought I would try to put a little message in there so that the non-riding community just might stop for a second and think about who else is sharing the road.

Just think if the phrase "Biker Friendly" really takes off. It would bring a little less negativity to a word that may be currently associated with the hard core drug running biker types most people see on television and at the cinema.

I'm a biker, plain and simple. No matter what or how I ride.

It's quick and easy!!!

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